There are various ways of realigning the supply chains to help the society at large by making the small entrepreneurs, farmers, skilled persons to contribute in fulfilling the need of the product & services of companies.

This inclusive step will definitely go a long way to purposefully providing employment to persons and at the same time improve bottom line of companies.
Those who create environmental and social value alongside economic value are often considered to have a sustainable triple bottom line.

There are various measures which can be adopted by companies in improving their supply chain to attain inclusive growth.
Some of them are like, Direct Procurement from producers/primary suppliers,

Use of information & Technology, Vendor Development, Open Tendering, Ancillary Development, Targeted Procurement, and Unbundling of Contract are discussed in this paper.

By giving effect to inclusiveness, through realigning supply chain, companies can improve their triple bottom line.

The triple bottom line is a popular concept for understanding social responsibility among corporations looking to incorporate non-monetary values into their business model.
It's a method of "true cost accounting," which considers the impact of production decisions in terms of ecological and social value, as well as economic value.


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Realigning Supply Chain through :

Direct Procurement from Producers/Primary Suppliers
Use of Information & Technology
Vendor Development
Open Tendering
Ancillary Development
Targeted Procurement
Unbundling of Contract




Digvijay Singh, Dy. Manager (Materials Management)
Research & Development Center for Iron & Steel (RDCIS)
Steel Authority of India Ltd. (Ranchi)


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