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Dynamic Business environment



Effective management of Supply Chains has become a complex and challenging task in today's dynamic environment. Current business trends of expanding product variety, increasing outsourcing, globalization, shortening of product life cycles and continuous information technology advances, have made this task even more arduous.

Successful strategies begin by analyzing the existing supply chain objectively. There are many indicators that the supply chain is out of control – excessive inventory, degraded

customer service, escalating costs and declining profit or poor return on assets.

Moreover, as a company moves to new markets or new technologies, its supply chain must be prepared to meet the demands and opportunities presented by the new business.
The Internet has provided new opportunities for improvements in performance across the extended supply chain. The Internet enables extensive information sharing across complex supply chains, creating dynamic, virtual supply chain networks of trading partners.


These partners can work in tight coordination to optimize chain-wide performance, share information and knowledge in real time, design customized products and services for new markets and respond quickly to changing customer requirements. Information sharing and knowledge exchange via the internet have fostered tighter linkages between companies, as well as among their suppliers and customers Challenges and opportunities afforded by the Internet have contributed to an all-time high interest in new concepts and ways to manage a supply chain. The objective is clear: to seize the high ground and gain a competitive advantage through supply chain integration.




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