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Supply Chain Management as also Materials Management are fast growing professions, thanks to their ability to perform as profit centres. One of the natural fall out of their increasing role and importance in business is a healthy growth in the number of people taking to studies / courses etc in these fields.

Realizing that the field of Supply Chain
Management is going to grow rapidly and more so in the context of India and China, this website has been designed to help promote the cause of Supply Chain Management among the young boys and girls who want to know a great deal in this field.

On this page we have tried to bring a directory of Supply chain / Materials Managers , just to show our numerical as well as qualitative strength.

If you're a professional working in any of the fields under supply chain management or materials management such as Purchasing, Stores, Warehousing, Inventory control, Logistics, Transportation, distribution etc. you're the person who deserves to be on this page.

By being on this high ranking site ( , you stand to gain wider visibility among the members of your profession which can help you in furthering your career or for making friends for future help and use.

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