ISCEA, The International Supply Chain Education Alliance


ISCEA, The International Supply Chain Education Alliance conducts many workshops to improve the knowledge of Manufacturing and Service industry professionals worldwide.


ISCEA’s mission is to be a single source for Total Supply Chain Knowledge through Education, Certification, and Recognition.

Subject Matter Covered in the ISCEA CSCM Exam:

  • Supply Chain Body of Knowledge (80%)
  • Theory of Constraints (10%)
  • Operational Accounting (4%)
  • Lean Six Sigma (4%)
  • Leadership & Team Building (2%)

ISCEA have also established a partnership with Rai Business Schools to conduct the ISCEA exams. In addition to ISCEA exams, they are also holding workshops in Supply Chain, RFID, and TOC in India.

Please check ,for a complete workshop schedule here. This is your opportunity to Learn and Network with Internationally Recognized Supply Chain Executives !


Supply Chain Areas Covered in the CSCM Workshop & Exam:

  • Understanding the Supply Chain

  • Supply Chain Performance: Achieving Strategic Fit and Scope

  • Supply Chain Drivers and Obstacles

  • Designing the Distribution Network in a Supply Chain

  • Network Design in the Supply Chain

  • Network Design in an Uncertain Environment

  • Demand Forecasting in a Supply Chain

  • Aggregate Planning in the Supply Chain

  • Planning Supply and Demand-Managing Predictable Variability

  • Managing Economies of Scale in the Supply Chain- Cycle Inventory

  • Managing Uncertainty in the Supply Chain- Safety Inventory

  • Determining Optimal Level of Product Availability

  • Sourcing Decisions in a Supply Chain

  • Transportation in the Supply Chain

  • Pricing and Revenue Management in the Supply Chain

  • Coordination in the Supply Chain

  • Information Technology and Supply Chain

  • E-Business and the Supply Chain

Also, ISCEA is opening the workshop to those who are interested in teaching CSCM workshops.

They can attend the workshop free-of-charge. They only have to pay for the exam. That is US$250.

In order to qualify to be an ISCEA CSCM workshop instructor one must have 5 years of supply chain related experience, university education, and at least one other professional certification such as CPIM, CPM.


ISCEA have a full fledged office now in India. Click here for  details here
For a detail information on CSCM of ISCEA conducted in India please click here

Workshop & Exam will be held at:

Rai Business School
A-41, MCIE, Mathura Road,
New Delhi-110044
Phone: 011 - 26991300 / 41560000 / 41570000
Contact: Dr K V Narrasimham

Workshop & Exam Fee: US$1,595.

Those who are interested can register here by sending check. (Checks should be made to ISCEA in US$).

One can get US$ checks at any State Bank of India branch in India. State Bank of India will issue the check in US$ from their account at Bank of New York in New York, USA).

Check need to be handed over here three (3) weeks prior to the workshop session to confirm the registration.


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