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The CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL IN SUPPLY MANAGEMENT (CPSM) program as offered by the  Institute for Supply Management Inc.,USA (ISM) and the Indian Institute of Materials Management (IIMM) is the best certification course which provides a professional edge to the Purchasing / Materials professionals.

The course on Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM) leading to the award of designation is possible through correspondence. This is extremely

good from career enhancement point of view for the working Supply Chain / Materials professionals.

The CPSM Examination is controlled by the Certification Board, Institute for Supply Management United States of America, (ISM, USA) which consists of a panel drawn from a variety of organizational backgrounds. The CPSM Exam is revised under the Board's scrutiny before every test administration using input from purchasing and materials managers across the United States. These Exams are now being offered by IIMM at substantially lower fees in India through distance education.

How CPSM helps ?
CPSM brands you as a commodity under "Supply Chain / Purchasing professionals" in the mind. For the hiring manager it stamps your experience at par with any other in the field just as a doctor is branded on getting the FRCS.

Due to internet, employers get lot of resumes , making it difficult for them to go .through each and every one manually. So, they have softwares which make a short list by going through the key word like CPSM.                         


A CPSM certification adds up to the qualifications and builds a trust in the employers mindset which is an edge over the general candidates.

In the Interview

CPSM study material takes us thoroughly through the universal terminology used in Materials environment.
It helps in providing definitions to our routine jobs which can be then explained to the interviewing panel in more professional way. With CPSM course one knows and thus can use professional terms (simple examples



like corrective action report, Non Conformance report, MRP, JIT, Kanban, Purchase price variance .......) and relate them to the experience and hence creates a good professional impact on the interviewing panel.                           

In the job
CPSM broadens the outlook , helps in thinking out of the box and it changes you from what we call a routine expediter to a Purchasing professional who is an important key for a company to achieve the organizational goals and objectives.

The curricula of the CPSM explains standard procedures to follow for activities like - cost reduction, supplier evaluation , negotiations, budgeting, material flow, even purchase employee appraisals and purchasing ethics. All this helps in better understanding total working environment and for inculcating the leadership qualities for professional growth.




Prospective supply chain consultants, people thinking to go for a SAP supply chain module or an MBA in Supply chain management shall also find CPSM a great help in building foundations.

Every purchase position in Indian manufacturing shall at least demand enrollment in the CPSM course. Also as CPSM is more of polishing and refining curriculum for the professionals I would suggest that minimum 5 to 6 persons should enroll as a group and have discussions and presentations in the

weekends and have senior and experienced people to participate and guide through their knowledge so as each and every chapter is done with analysis relating to the real industrial situations. All shall thrive to become better  professionals and enjoy good business associations.

To conclude, let it be clear that the CPSM is soon going to be the critical determinant for the career seekers in the area of Materials and Supply Chain management. 
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