Warehouse Activities


Warehouse happens to be a key function and destination in the over all supply chain planning and execution. It has as its purpose  not only receiving and distributing the materials/goods but for many companies it is a strategic function too.

In general , a typical warehouse can be seen to be performing the following activities : 



1. Receiving goods :

  • accepts goods from outside transportation or attached
  • check the goods vs. order / bill
  • check the quantities
  • check for damage
  • damage reports
  • Inspect goods, if required

2. Identifying the goods :

  • Stock-Keeping-Unit Number (Part Number)
  • Qty receive is recorded

3. Dispatching good to storage by sorting & putting away

4. Holding Goods by keeping and preserving

5. Picking goods

6. Marshalling the shipment such as goods making up a single order are brought together and checked for discrepancies. Order records are updated

7. Dispatching the shipment :
- orders are packaged, shipping documents are prepared, goods loaded to vehicles

8. Operating an Information System :
Items record must be maintained (qty on hand, quantity received, quantity issued & location)

9. Quality Assurance :
It needs be followed in all stages of operation.





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