Supply Chain Management Jobs

If there is one field today that has immense potential to offer jobs across the globe, it's the Supply Chain Management and the Materials Management.

The IT boom of the previous decade has enabled firms to co-ordinate their multi locational activities so well that SCM has become a competitive advantage for the firms today.

New jobs and opportunities are opening up in the areas of purchasing, operations,

logistics and supply chain management as competitive infrastructure, across the world, develops.

Like in any other profession, Materials Management jobs too are entry level, middle level , say departmental head level to the senior management level such as Vice President , Procurement Sourcing etc.

Jobs in SCM can come in form of various names such as opening for Logistics manager, scm experts, Inventory manager, SAP professional, ERP expert, warehousing manager, purchaser, buyer, entry level buyer , senior level buyer, Procurement jobs, Purchasing jobs, jobs for buyers, Expediter,




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Supply Chain Supervisor, Greater Chicago / North Central Illinois,USA New


Senior Procurement executive, International sourcing expert, Warehousing jobs, Stores jobs, Inventory Control jobs , Supply Chain Manager etc.

There are great jobs in logistics , reverse logistics, auction, reverse auction, e-procurements. Then is need for clearing agents at trans-shipment points.

Jobs in Transport industry is another SCM related offer. Another job area under SCM is e-procurement where companies are looking for experienced as well as raw hands.

The expanse of the jobs today is so vast thanks to the infrastructural developments being witnessed in the Asian countries such as India and China that for candidates willing to relocate there is no dearth in SCM and MM related jobs in Asian countries today. With Asia becoming the manufacturing hub of the world, jobs in Materials Management and Supply Chain Management are now showing a vast potential in terms of career growth and compensation.

Obviously, jobs in Materials Management , Supply Chain Management are on increase in countries like India , China , South Korea and Japan. However, the US , the UK and other European countries too are registering appreciable increase in jobs related to the Materials Management and Supply Chain Management.

In India , the Materials Management or Supply Chain Management jobs are available in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Gurgaon , Mumbai , Delhi etc.





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