Hazardous Materials, High Sea Sale, Holding Cost, Hand-to-mouth buying


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Hand -to-mouth buying
Frequent purchases in small quantities to meet only immediate , short term requirements.

Also, it is a practice of planning inbound material purchases and flows without the need for significant inventory levels

Hazardous Materials
Materials or substances that have been determined by a government agency to be a risk to health, safety and property and thus need to comply with the prescribed safeguards.

The term includes such items as as explosives, flammables, poisons, corrosive, radio active substances. These materials must be packaged, labeled, handled and transported according to strict regulations from several agencies.

International shipments must comply with docket HM-181, where the term "dangerous goods" is often used interchangeably with hazardous materials

A purchase or sale entered into for the purpose of balancing a sale or purchase already made or under contract, in order to offset the effect of potential market price fluctuations.

Host Country
Any country where an organisation has its world headquarters

Hundred Weight
100 pounds, a unit of weight used in transportation

High Sea Sale
It describes the transfer of Goods from the buyer when the material is on high sea

Holding Cost
Also called Carrying cost, it is the average cost of carrying a unit of an inventory item.

It normally includes opportunity cost of holding inventory and other related costs such as overhead and variable costs

A large retailer or manufacturer having many trading partners





Get terms alphabetically:  A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z   


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