Food & Beverage Supply Chain Management - Improving Warehouse Productivity



Food and Beverage (F&B) manufacturers face operations issues different from those in other industries, at every stage from production through warehouse operations. In distribution centers, goods must be expeditiously picked, packed and shipped, not just to satisfy customers, but to ensure quality of perishables and minimize safety risks. In order to improve this core function today and into the next generation, F&B manufacturers must rethink their strategies and do three things exceptionally well:

•Recognize that supply chain management and collaboration is a key corporate strategy that must be addressed.

•Support supply chain management and collaboration with resources, investments and best practices.

•Rigorously monitor performance to continuously improve customer relations and more effectively identify and satisfy demand.

With thousands of goods moving in and out of F&B manufacturers' warehouses every day, the task is complex – but manageable with improved supply chain strategies and collaboration.

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